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Hey Earthlings ! I'm Lily and I just got the Golden Key (in my case, a White Gold Key) last 23rd of January. <3

Currently living with 3 other friends of mine under the same hood in South Australia, together we are pursuing the Bachelor of Science (Food and Nutrition Science) On our way to become an awesome Food Scientist. :D

Casual is my type. Sneakers, jeans, tees are my favourite. As an animal lover, I strongly agree that neuter your pets is a good way to keep both the society as well as the animal world balance. Ecosystem in balance is important ! *thumbs up*

You can contact me via lilykhoo92@gmail.com

Cheers !



Living The Tai Tai Life Part II

Annyeong ! Lets continue the tai tai life part 2 ! I know, after 2 months. I'm sorry. :x


Since I got a complimentary stay in Cititel Hotel, Midvalley, so we decided to check in 2 days before my exact birthday. Once we reached and dropped off our luggage, we went down to Dragon-i restaurant to have their famous 小笼包 (Shanghai Dumpling) and 流沙包 (Custard bun) for breakfast ! What an expensive breakfast. :p

I love their Custard Bun !!

Me trying to suck out the hot custard and at the same time look good for camera

No photo for Shanghai Dumpling, because by the time I remember to take photo, it is all gone and digesting by our HCl in our stomach. 

Then I told le bff I wanna go for karaoke. There we go, Red Box Karaoke in Garden !

Sang halfway, le bff decided to head to the washroom. I swear she went in for like 10 minutes ! I knew something is going to happen. And my guess is right ! One of the staffs came in and told me there's someone in another room is looking for le bff. There, I can confirm she is planning something for me. Babe, you failed big time. :p

So, I thought she invited my Uni Mates to celebrate with me but no, apparently all my friends couldn't make it since is weekday, most of my friends are having interns or classes. But she surprised me with a 1kg birthday cake instead ! And not to forget the awesome touching birthday present prepared by her. Thank you babe ! <3 p="">

After 5 hours of karaoke. We went to Jusco and bought their sushi platter and a bottle of sprite for Vodka. :D Showered and have our sushi dinner. Is time for next round of party !

Dress up, make up, styling the hair. We are ready to club ! Yeah, on weekday. The whole club only have 8 person in total. wtf

Okay, no photo for the clubbing session. Because we are too drunk to take photos. We tried, but all the photos look like we are all fucked up. -_-

Thank you babe, for everything.
I love you.


Skip to the day of my birthday ~

Went karaoke again, with the Uni mates. We love karaoke too much. Got to enjoy all the karaoke session before go back to Aussie. Karaoke in Aussie is too expensive.

They wanna surprise me also. But failed really badly. Hui Ying said only both of us will be there, but instead there's another 2 more. And I saw one of them on my way to the karaoke centre. :p

But they really surprise me with the birthday presents and card lah. I really love it ! 

Instax Camera excluded, only the cover. 
Hee Hee

One thing they succeed on the surprise is the cake and the birthday song on the tv screen. The birthday song played while we are half way singing. :D

Thank you ! I love y'all too !

After that had birthday dinner with family and had another cutting cake session at home too. Last year, I only have 1 mini cake for my 21st. This year, I had too much cakes. 4 cakes in total. :D

Daddy, Mommy, lil Bro, I love you.
<3 p="">

Cheers !


Living The Tai Tai Life

Le bff came to visit me for a few days to celebrate my 18 years old and 48 months birthday. The theme for the celebration is, Living The Tai Tai (rich woman) Life. What ever we did for that few days were really enjoying and we kind of did not bother about the cost it will cost us. Hee Hee

We just do it ! :D

On the 1st day, we went down to KL to shop like usual, but out of luck we couldn't find anything that we like to buy. So we decided to go for pedi and mani session to get our nails done for Lunar New Year. We came by this saloon named Max Hair Link in Sungei Wang having a promotion on gel nails for RM128, so we went in !

Never try gel nails before, but after this session, I'm loving it ! It is soooo long lasting, it still looks so perfect after 1 week. *love*

And it is so shiny ~

Le Bff LNY theme
Not bad right ! :D

My White Christmas theme
Couldn't resist this colour ^^

*cough* My cute toe *cough*
There, some red/pink for the LNY

While doing our nails, I found out that they are having hair promotion too ! Hair cut, wash and colour for RM140 !! So I decided to come by the next day.


Went back to the same saloon again the very next day to do my hair while le bff went to shop again for her LNY outfits. I always wanted to have dipdye/ombre colour hair. But it is so so so common now that almost everyone is having dipdye hair. So after I discussed with the hair stylist, I decided to colour only underpart of my hair ! You will see what I meant later. :D

1st time bleaching my hair !
And have to bleach 3 times ! 
Excited and nervous at the same time

After 3 times of bleaching !
I'm blond for like 2 minutes then the hair stylist starts colouring my hair

Jang Jang !!
Pink and purple colour !

It looks like this ! 
Gosh, my hair are long ! :D

I love my new hair colour ! *love*

The style of my hair colour have 3 parts. Like the moooost inner part is pink colour, then middle part is purple colour then the rest is my original hair colour (or, brown colour from previous dye). So basically, I have 4 colours on my head now, black, brown, purple and pink. LOL

Then at night, Jelly Mask Session ! Beware !



Okay, part 2 of Living The Tai Tai Life coming soon ! :D

Cheers !!